American jazz legend Wynton Marsalis brings jazz music, message of unity to young Cubans

Wynton Marsalis brings music, message to Cuba

Do teachers get tenure for breathing? NYC teachers say no, mayor says system will change

Teacher tenure for breathing? NYC says no longer

Scottish academics, locals protest honorary university degree for tycoon Donald Trump

Scots protest Donald Trump honorary degree

AP-GfK Poll: GOP edge with working-class whites doubles as economy, dislike for Obama hit home

AP-GfK Poll: Working-class whites shun Dems

Obama calls community colleges crucial to nation’s future, seeks to boost graduation rate

Obama seeks to boost community colleges

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama called Tuesday for community colleges to produce an additional 5 million graduates by 2020 as he convened a White House summit to spotlight the two-year institutions he said are more important than ever to the country’s competitiveness.

At White House community college summit, Obama calls schools crucial to nation’s future

Obama calls schools vital for US competitiveness

Obama to highlight the important roles played by community colleges and women in business

Obama highlighting community colleges

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is shining a spotlight on community colleges.

Obama, Jill Biden to participate in first-ever White House summit on community colleges

Obama holds 1st summit on community colleges at WH

Obama, Jill Biden to address first White House summit on community colleges

Obama to address WH summit on community colleges

In forum on training, Obama suddenly debates GOP call to extend all Bush tax cuts

Obama slams GOP over tax and spending cut plans

Announcing new training plan, Obama warns GOP budget cuts would hurt education

Obama slams GOP over threatened education cuts

Obama implores young voters not to lose heart or become apathetic

Obama asks students to stick with him this fall

In neighborhood meeting, Obama highlights link between education, economy

Obama: Education key to economic success

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Determined to energize dispirited Democrats, President Barack Obama told New Mexico voters on Tuesday that Republicans would reverse the progress he’s made on education reform and student aid.

Obama’s call for longer school days and school years faces budget obstacles, resistant parents

Calls for longer school years face budget reality

Obama presses for longer school year, ouster of underperforming teachers, to improve education

Obama presses for longer school years

WASHINGTON — Barely into the new school year, President Barack Obama issued a tough-love message to students and teachers on Monday: Their year in the classroom should be longer, and poorly performing teachers should get out.

Obama: Money alone can’t help struggling schools, more spending must be combined with reform

Obama: Money alone can’t solve school predicament

Facebook CEO says he’s giving Newark $100M because ‘every child deserves a good education’

Facebook CEO announces $100M gift to NJ school

Facebook founder tells Winfrey why he’s friending Newark, NJ, schools with $100M donation

Facebook CEO makes $100M gift to NJ school

Facebook friending Newark, NJ, schools; it could mean big education changes for battered city

Facebook founder’s $100M gift could change Newark

Friending a whole school system: Facebook founder giving $100 million to Newark, NJ, district

Facebook founder giving $100M to Newark schools

Texas sues over federal rejection of state’s application for $830 million in education aid

Texas sues feds over $830M in education aid

Obama’s loss of top economic adviser Lawrence Summers could set stage for postelection changes

Obama aide’s exit could be prelude to more changes

Obama’s top economic adviser, Lawrence Summers, to leave the White House at end of year

Top economic adviser to leave White House

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s top economic adviser, Lawrence Summers, plans to leave the White House at the end of the year, a move that comes as the administration struggles to show an anxious public it’s making progress on the economy.

In announcing nonprofit promoting science and math, Obama says education is key to economy

U.S. President Barack Obama

Obama to announce expanded campaign to boost science, tech, engineering and math education

US President Barack Obama

Jill Biden to convene first-ever White House summit on community colleges on Oct. 5

Barack Obama (Waxwork)

Tea party favorite O’Donnell wins GOP Senate primary in Delaware over longtime congressman

U.S. President Barack Obama

Obama recognizes contributions of historically black colleges and universities

The Dalai Lama

In Tanzania, fees for tuition, lunch, and ID card make ‘free’ primary education unaffordable

Barack Obama

HHS Secretary Sebelius vows ‘zero tolerance’ for insurers blaming premium hikes on health law

News Pres Obama Healthcare
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Federal panel examining recession tells Nev. leaders to be bold in fixing widespread problems

U.S. President Barack Obama

Federal commission meets experts, public in Las Vegas to examine causes of Great Recession

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak
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Fired, rehired teachers return to classes at troubled RI high school with cautious optimism