Student indiscipline rampant in Cambridge

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

LONDON - Cambridge University, an 800-year-old institution where 15 British prime ministers have been educated, has witnessed widespread student indiscipline, a media report said Wednesday.

The Daily Telegraph reported that a newly released dossier of student misdemeanours over the past five years showed that there had been hundreds of incidents of indiscipline.

While a college dean was forced to fend off sexual advances of a stark naked and inebriated student, a drunk female undergraduate was reprimanded after found “fouling” in a college corridor.

At a Spring Ball earlier this year, a male student needed hospital treatment after he was beaten up and attacked with a bottle by another student.

A Freedom of Information request threw up a long list of misdemeanours that were reported to college deans between 2005 and 2010.

Priyamvada Gopal, the dean of Churchill College, was alerted to 91 incidents involving more than 100 students in 2005-10.

Citing an example, Gopal said: “Several very drunk students and alumni after a rugby dinner, some of whom were running naked around college, and one of whom propositioned me.”

Some students were involved in more than one incident, prompting college authorities to consider expulsion.

At Sidney Sussex College, there were 112 disciplinary cases.

A student threw up in a hand basin and left the water running. The library below got flooded. Only timely action of the porters prevented valuable books from being damaged.

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