CHANDIGARH - Haryana's school education department Monday announced that it has started scrutinizing irregularities in guest teacher selections.
MUMBAI - Two Indian engineering students, one from Mumbai and the other from Tamil Nadu's Vellore, have been selected for the prestigious Bayer Young Environmentalist Envoy (BYEE) honour and will attend an international conference in Germany next month.
DENVER, ( It is not possible for every one to attend the regular and traditional colleges, as many people are restricted by their life style, responsibilities and financial constraints. In order to help those students, with the kind of problems mentioned above, CTU (Colorado Technical University), has introduced its new on-line education, where you just have to login, and get quality education, without attending college.
CHENNAI - The Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) is looking to expand to countries that do not have actuarial education system, while working on expanding the application of actuarial skills in non-traditional sectors within India.
HAMILTON - New Zealand will put in place a new law from next month to curb unauthorised entry of foreigners.
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