NEW DELHI - Arithmetic, abacus, calculations and cheerful kids enjoying every moment of it. This unlikely scene played out in the capital Sunday at the fifth Northern Region Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competition.
ISLAMABAD - From the plains of Punjab province to the rugged mountains in Waziristan, a former British major has been spreading knowledge for more than 60 years in Pakistan with a missionary zeal.
LAHORE - Youngsters from India and Pakistan should be given opportunities to regularly interact with each other and display their talents in diverse fields to spread the message of peace.
CHANDIGARH - A school here has directed 16 students to do community service on the campus after they were accused of posting abusive comments about a female teacher on networking site Facebook.
NEW DELHI - Catch them young - that's seems to be the motto of Tourism Minister Kumari Selja and actor-producer Aamir Khan as they are all set to jointly launch a campaign with school children on imbibing best tourism practices to attract more visitors to India in the coming years.
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