Special computer, English training for soldiers

Friday, August 20, 2010

NEW DELHI - The Indian Army Friday launched an initiative titled ‘Kshamta’ for soldiers to help them learn basic computer skills and spoken English, and secure “good jobs” after retirement.

“As the soldiers retire at an early age, we want them to be self-dependent after they leave the armed forces. With the help of this training, they will gain confidence and get good jobs,” Lt. Gen. V.K. Chaturvedi said.

They would no longer have to work as drivers and security guards, he said.

The programme is a collaboration between the Indian Army and Microsoft India and is a part of project ‘Samarth’ which has a number of similar initiatives under it.

“We have developed a special programme to train the soldiers. This training will be conducted in 48 training institutions across the country and will be headed by around 1,300 master trainers,” said Ravi Venkatesan, chairman of Microsoft India.

According to Karan Bajwa, Microsoft India general manager — enterprise and partner group — the soldiers enrolling for the training would on its successful completion be awarded Microsoft certificates which in turn would help them in getting a good job in the services sector.

“They can easily get the job of a data entry operator in a BPO. Moreover, we will partner with placement agencies to help them find suitable jobs.”

The army chief, General V.K. Singh said: “This is a success story and will help the retired soldiers in making a mark in the society. I am pleased by this effort and would like it to continue.”

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