Colleges use car-sharing to cut on parking congestion; students rent vehicles to save money

Colleges use car-sharing to cut down congestion

From junior college to college football’s biggest stage, Boise State enjoying quite a run

At No. 3, Boise State is nobody’s underdog anymore

Idaho commission votes to close charter school that sought to use Bible as classroom text

Idaho to shut school involved in Bible controversy

Boise State accepts invitation to join Mountain West Conference, seeks clearer path to BCS

Boise St accepts invitation to join Mountain West

Boise State University accepts invitation to join Mountain West Conference

BSU accepts invite to Mountain West Conference

Experts: New, more conservative textbook curriculum is unlikely to go beyond Texas

Experts: Texas textbooks are unlikely to spread

US bases, community leaders aim for latest Air Force bling, but some fear roar from noisy jets

Bases aim for new combat jets, some fear jet noise

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit filed by Nampa charter school over religious texts

Judge tosses charter school case against state

Feds’ $4.35 billion carrot not enough for some states to allow, expand charter schools

Several states stay off charter-school bandwagon

States make it easier for high school students to graduate early, take college classes

Idaho plan would pay kids to graduate early

17 states join efforts to increase college completion rates by 2020