How To Prepare for Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA) Examination

By parthodeep, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect ( SCEA) is the ultimate Sun certification program for Java community. SCEA certifies the skills of a software architect in the Java Enterprise Edition technology, which was formerly known as J2EE. A SCEA certification holder can handle advanced design responsibilities and lead roles in creating application. Unlike higher-level Java certification exams this certification doesn’t requires you to pass the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam. On passing the exam Sun awards the candidate the status of a professional Java architect. Sun Certified Enterprise Architect doesn’t have an expiration date. In this article we would discuss some important aspects of SCEA exams and provides guidelines for prepration.

It represents the culminations of the Sun’s certification program for Java community.

In order to acquire the certification the candidate has to pass three individual stages

  • Knowledge-based multiple choice exam
  • UML design project involving Java EE technology
  • An essay exam regarding the design project

It involves multiple-choice exam that can be taken at any Prometric testing center around the world.

After passing the multiple choice exam the candidate can register with Sun Microsystems for the design project. It can be downloaded from a secured website and after completion of the exam uploaded to the same website. The next step requires to sit for an essay exam based on the assignment for Part II. Take the essay exam as soon as possible after submitting the assignment. Scores for Part I exam declared immediately after taking the test. However, the scores of Parts II/III are only available after six to eight weeks through Sun’s certification manager website.

SCEA Certification Exam Objectives

  • Application Design Concepts and Principles
  • Common Architectures
  • Integration and Messaging
  • Business Tier Technologies
  • Web Tier Technologies
  • Applicability of Java EE Technology
  • Patterns
  • Security

Preparation for Sun Certified Enterprise Architect

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA) Certification Exam asks for tougher preparation as compared to other exams as it demands solving real life architecture scenarios, instead of hypothetical knowledge of JEE technology & Design Patterns.

The first step is familiarize with Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA) Certification Exam process. Understanding the SCEA Exam registration, SCEA Exam Pattern, SCEA Exam Objectives, course material, process etc.

Start with books like Cade book, UML Distilled, the Sun Press SCEA book, Head First Design Patterns, GOF Design Patterns, J2EE Design Patterns, and then Java Modelling in Color to work for part II of the exam.

For question and answers register with good SCEA forum. Post your questions and share experience on certification exam preparation.

Other Methods for SCEA Preparation

Sun’s training

The goal of Sun certification is to test particular job role. To prepare for the certificate exam a Sun training is recommended. A working knowledge of the technology is recommended prior to the exam. Sun claims that taking courses will guarantee passing the certification exams. State that Sun training is an important component in the certificate preparation.

Alternatives to classroom training

Sun offers web-based and CD-ROM delivery options that allow you the flexibility and control to learn independent of time constraints.
Attend the free sessions on Sun Certified Enterprise architect

Additional study

In addition to recommended training, candidates must undergo certifications with additional courses that will help you to excel in the certification course.

Sample Questions

Practice is the key to succeed in SCEA. Workout the Web-based sample test questions or ePractice Exams that helps to practice and adjust with the timing before taking the real exam. This will expose you to a variety of SCEA certification exam questions asked in the exam.

Tutorial and Study Materials For SCEA

You can get free tutorials from gayanb and JavaRanch

You can buy full version of Whizlabs Mock Exams

Check out Mark Cade & Humphrey Sheil: Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java EE Study Guide, Second Edition

Finally you need to know how much to devote on each subject?

Concepts: 100%

Common Architecture: 33%

Legacy Connectivity:

EJB: 100%

EJB container model: 100%

Protocols : 33%

Applicability: 66%

Design Patterns: 100%

Messaging: 100%

Focus more on the certain areas primary EJB, Design patterns, UML more than others.

Make the most of time, energy & money to do the best in  Sun Certified Enterprise Architect exams

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