Mahagenco Result For Sub.Engg Exam Declared

By Swatilekha, Gaea News Network
Saturday, March 27, 2010

Re: mahagenco
Maharashtra, INDIA ( Mahagenco (Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd.) result for the supplementary list of candidates have been published. The Mahagenco result which have been published, will have the names of those candidates who are being selected as the eligible ones to appear for the exam of Sub Engg. The exam is scheduled to be held on Mar 28, 2010. Following the exam, the results will be announced only on a later phase.

The mahagenco result holding the names of the eligible candidates for the Sub Engg exam has been put up on the official site of Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd. To view the names under the mahagenco result the aspiring candidate needs to log on to the mahagenco official site and follow the instructions accordingly.

The mahagenco result list is tabbed under “Latest Announcements” which lists down all the important and recent announcements that has been made by mahagenco. One has to go ahead and download the file that holds the list of the eligible candidates to successfully view his name. Mahagenco stands for Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited which happens to be the biggest power generating company located in the state of Maharashtra. It is immensely powerful, with the capacity to generate a total of 10,400 MW of power. Reportedly, it’s also the second largest power producing company in India. Mahagenco had been a part of the Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) before it got separated to operate as an individual entity on June 6 in the year of 2005. Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd has almost about 14,500 employees working under its shed, according to a survey conducted in the year of 2007.

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