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NEW YORK - The US Sunday assured India that Indian students, who were victims of a sham university in California, will be dealt with "fairness", when External Affairs Minister S.M.

NEW YORK - To deal with the spurt of hate crimes against Muslims that have seen a 17-fold increase post 9/11 terror attacks in the US, a course will be offered here to identify the issues that encourage such crimes.

NEW YORK - A law school in the US has been facing criticism after its students found pictures of semi-naked male and female models in a clothing firm's advertisements which were shot in the school's library.
NYK teachers sacked for flirting on Facebook with students
NEW YORK - At least three teachers from public high schools in New York have been sacked in the past six months for making indecent remarks while dealing with students on Facebook, a media report said Monday.

NEW YORK - Do public school teachers get tenure just by breathing? It's a claim made by a charter school leader in the education documentary "Waiting for 'Superman,'" which places much of the blame for bad schools nationwide on union rules that protect incompetent teachers.
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