Do teachers get tenure for breathing? NYC teachers say no, mayor says system will change

Teacher tenure for breathing? NYC says no longer

Obama’s call for longer school days and school years faces budget obstacles, resistant parents

Calls for longer school years face budget reality

Gates Foundation invests in program aimed at helping low-income youth graduate from college

Gates Foundation focuses on college graduation

City U, IBM to open NYC school: Grade 9 through associate’s degree, with job prospects

CUNY-IBM to open unique school in NYC

NEW YORK — The City University of New York and IBM will open a unique school that merges high school with two years of college, allowing students to earn an associate’s degree, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday in announcing a series of ambitious educational initiatives.

Troubles of US education system get big screen close-up in 4 new documentaries

Troubles of US education get big screen close-up

Troubles of U.S. education system get big screen close up in 4 new documentaries

Education in U.S. gets big screen close up

Goldman Sachs fund gives $20 million for NYC charter school, community center

NYC charter school gets $20M Goldman Sachs gift

Twinkling toes on tap at the White House for first event in new series celebrating dance

Michelle Obama hosts first White House dance event

Colleges are buying land they don’t yet need, expecting to use it decades from now

Colleges buy land they don’t know how they’ll use

Last Carnegie Hall tenant forced from studios that nourished a century of America’s top talent

Last Carnegie Hall resident forced out of towers

Brother of famed Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher, father of Michael Jackson’s co-executor dies at 86

Brother of famed Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher dies

NBC wants to put focus on education by hosting September summit

NBC hosting education summit in September

NEW YORK — NBC News is convening its own summit with education and political leaders in September to talk about ways to improve schools in light of statistics showing the U.S. lagging in student achievement.

After years of quiet integration, new school board’s plans leave town on edge

Fear of ‘resegregation’ fuels unrest in NC

Miss. student who wanted to take girlfriend to prom is a grand marshal at NYC gay pride parade

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

2 subway lines to make their final runs amid NY transit agency budget woes, commuters dismayed

2 subway lines to end amid NYC transit budget woes

NY’s top court upholds use of eminent domain for Columbia’s West Harlem expansion plan

NY’s top court upholds Columbia expansion plan

NY’s top court upholds use of eminent domain for Columbia’s expansion plan in NYC

NY’s top court upholds Columbia U. expansion plan

Study finds small high schools in NYC show improved graduation rates for struggling students

Small NYC high schools found to boost achievement

NYC transit agency says it won’t cut kids’ free bus, subway passes despite $800M budget gap

NYC transit agency won’t cut kids’ free passes

Regents Prep Global Examinations

About 1,000 NYC high school students walk out of class to protest loss of free transit passes

1,000 NYC students walk out to save free rides

Live like President Obama did 20 years ago_ in a 3rd-floor NYC walk-up apartment

US President Barack Obama

700,000 genealogy tourists a year hit Salt Lake City library in search of family tree

Looking for family tree? Head to Salt Lake City

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor returns to old Bronx elementary school, housing project

Sotomayor revisits her NYC school, housing project

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor returns to old Bronx elementary school

President Barack Obama
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Kagan family influences: Mother a demanding teacher, father a lawyer devoted to local issues

Kagan’s early influences demanding, activist

Goodell uses his story to inspire graduates; addresses future outdoor cold-weather Super Bowls

Goodell uses his story to inspire graduates

Suspected militants kill 80 at minority sect’s mosques in eastern Pakistan

Attackers strike sect mosques in Pakistan; 80 dead

AG Eric Holder urges law grads to modernize legal system, makes no mention of terrorism

US President Barack Obama

Rachael Ray, NYC mayor join forces to ‘empower kids to cook’ and grow their own food

Rachael Ray, NYC mayor ‘empower kids to cook’

Supreme Court leans heavily on Boston-Washington axis; will Obama pick go outside I-95?

US President Barack Obama
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NY’s Alvin Ailey Dance Theater appoints new artistic director to succeed Judith Jamison

NY’s Alvin Ailey dance co. appoints new director

NYC to stop having teachers accused of misconduct spend their days in ‘rubber rooms’

NYC to stop paying teachers to do nothing

NEW YORK — The city will end the practice of paying teachers to play Scrabble, read or surf the Internet in reassignment centers nicknamed “rubber rooms” as they await disciplinary hearings, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the teachers union announced Thursday.

NYC program that pays the poor for good habits has no effect on school, job retention

Report: Money for good habits doesn’t change lives

Program that pays the poor for good habits makes some strides, but has no effect on school

NYC pays poor for good conduct, with mixed results

France’s Sarkozy holds hands, but not his tongue, taking US to task in NY visit